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17 Mar

I did the makeup for UniversalPixel (a T-shirt company with really cool prints, for the people by the people ) when they had their photoshoot for their spring collection. Here are the pictures they sent for me to see what they wanted for their models. I will get the pictures from the phographer later on.

Inspiration: Fendi lips

Inspiration: Selena Gomez

Inspiration: Rihanna


Enjoy Love Nicole


For Chile

28 Jun

I wore this makeup for work today to show my support for the Chilean soccerteam, which unfortuantly lost to Brazil 3-0 they played really well but lost to the more expirienced players.

What I used:

Hightech ligther phenomenon

Eyeshadows from sleek palette

MUS M/S Satin, M/S Vanilla, M/S Ghetto (for my brows)

MAC Fluidliner Royal wink

MUS cakeliner Black

Maybelline colossal mascara wp

Inspired by:


Love Nicole