17 Mar

I did the makeup for UniversalPixel (a T-shirt company with really cool prints, for the people by the people ) when they had their photoshoot for their spring collection. Here are the pictures they sent for me to see what they wanted for their models. I will get the pictures from the phographer later on.

Inspiration: Fendi lips

Inspiration: Selena Gomez

Inspiration: Rihanna


Enjoy Love Nicole

Finally my Precious

16 Mar

My latest love from Ebay and so necessary for a makeup artist, not this case in particular but good storage for when you do photo shoots. I’ve always had small makeup bags before which is good in it’s on way but now with my new case I get a better overview and more compact storage.

Enjoy Love


Au naturale

15 Mar


I’ve had a really busy weekend but I will show you what I’ve been up to tomorrow ^_^

What I’ve used: (everything from MUS if nothing else is mentioned)


Studio foundation Ultra

M/S Smog

C/S Meteor

Eyebrowpencil no. 1 and M/S smog for my brows

Chanel la Ligne Noir

Lancome eyekohl Brun noir

Maybelline colossal volume Mascara wp

Enjoy Love


Pink Tuch (golden oldie)

9 Mar

Här är en snabbis/ Here is a quickie.

Jag har använt: (MUS om inget annat anges) / What I’ve used (everything from MUS if nothing else is mentioned)


Studio fondation Ultra (som primer)
E/D Angel
M/S Masai
M/S Tuch
M/S Vanilla
Cakeliner black
Maybelline The colossal volume express waterproof


Metal cherry
Wonderpowder kalahari


Läpppenna soft
potgloss way

Enjoy Love



7 Mar

So what is F.O.B, its face of beauty H&M’s old makeup brand I did this makeup with a super old duo eyeshadow from F.O.B. This is what I looked like on saturday, the weather was great this weekend even though it was windy it was really sunny and you could smell spring in the air.

What I’ve used:

Duo eyeshadow FOB Neat

M/S Vanilla

Chanel la ligne Noir

M/S Ghetto for my brows + eyebrowpencil no 3

Maybelline colossal mascara wp

Ardell flares long


Love Nicole

Field of green

7 Mar

I did this makeup on my lovely and wonderful friend  ❤

What I’ve used: (everything from MUS if nothing else is mentioned)

Hightech lighter Stardust

MAC Juxt

M/S Leaf

M/S Colibri

M/S Aquarius

M/S Pollution

E/D Soft Grass

M/S Vanilla

M/S Smog (for her brows)

Chanel la ligne Noir

Eyepencil Black

Maybelline colossal volume mascara wp

Love this girl ^_^


Love Nicole

Birthday makeup 2010 (golden oldie)

2 Mar

Detta är den första maken som jag gjorde till min blogg, men dock inte till denna utan den som var på blogg .se som jag la ner när jag bytade till wordpress, men tänkte ha de som golden oldies här på denna nu. Den här maken gjorde jag till min födelsedags middag den 1 jan. 2010.

/ This is the first makeup I did for I did for my blog, though for my blog att the domain blogg.se but I’ve closed it down, I will use them here as my golden oldies here. This makeup I did for my birthday dinner jan. 2010

Jag har använt: (MUS om inget annat anges) / What I’ve used: (everything from makeupstore if nothing is mentioned)

M/S Smog
M/S Pollution
C/S Grace
E/D Soft grass
Cakeliner Black
MUS Tri Brow
MAC Eyepencil Smoulder

Chanel Irreelle blush 28 Neroli rose

Diorkiss 365 Delicious Watermelon

Enjoy love


Golden oldie

1 Mar


Here is an golden oldie from 2009 🙂

I don’t really remember allt the colors

The green one is M/S City jungle

The gold one is M/S Take off

Enjoy Love Nicole

Pink Purple Gold

27 Feb


Så här såg jag ut i fredags/ This is how I looked this friday.

What I’ve used: (everything from Make Up Store if nothing else is mentioned)

Hightech lighter Platina

C/S Babydoll

MAC Coppering

M/S Nox

M/S Take off

Blush Metal cherry

M/S Night fall

M/S Vanilla

M/S Ghetto + Browpencil no. 3 for my brows

Chanel La ligne Noir

Eyepencil Black

Maybelline colossal volume mascara wp

Enjoy love


Yesterdays blue Updated

26 Feb

I wore this colorful and quick make up for school on thursday, I kept the name yesterdays blue because I liked it

What I’ve used:( everything from Make Up Store if nothing else is mentioned)

MAC fluidline royal wink

M/S Ghetto for my brows + Browpencil no . 3

Maybelline Colossal volume mascara wp

Blue and white eyeshadow from viva la diva


Love Nicole